Recycled Series

One needs to look around and find a material that speaks to the idea and embodies the concept. One can just look in his backyard, or peek in the dump… go back to the roughness and organic forms. By discovering the primitivism of cardboard, I found a new approach and meaning to the art…

The recycled cardboard material on which I work signifies a passage of time. It carries within itself the factor of temporality and decay – it is a signifier of history. The historicity that these ‘found objects’ portray are interesting in of themselves. When incorporated with the drawn images, which I place on top of their somewhat rugged surface, the artworks become even more intriguing. With this series, I have started to develop a deep interest in depicting age, decay and the nostalgia toward the passage of time. It is a nostalgia reflected in the faces of the dying generation. With the disappearance of this generation come the annihilation of a certain folklore culture and the nostalgia of a whole nation.

Through this series, I would like to leave a trace and to create a monument to something fleeting.  Nevertheless, I was never able to express this interest before I found the medium that allowed me to truly depict it. In the face of recycled material, I have found the true expression of my ideas. It is self-completing piece, in which the concept of the signifying image is expressed in the nature of the material that represents it.

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