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“Memoirs of a Forgotten Generation: The Paintings of Plamena Pehlivanova” 

Plamena Pehlivnova, AB ’09, focuses her paintings on the stories, emotions and folklore of the “babushki” and elderly of Eastern Europe

Memoirs exhibit

Artist and University of Chicago alumna Plamena Pehlivanova, AB ’09, focuses on the stories, emotions and folklore of the “babushki” and elderly of Eastern Europe, sharing their emotions and the voice of their wisdom through her paintings. As a visual portrayal of folklore, the portraits here convey a passage of time, delve into the rich past and reveal history in a visual metaphor — dry wrinkles and hopeful gazes! This is a story of a generation that survived two wars; a generation whose folklore meant life; a generation of endless toil, oppression and tradition… These are their memoirs — a people and culture now slowly vanishing.

For more information on Pehlivanova and her art, please visit her website: plamenart.com

The exhibit opens January 3, 2011 and continues through March 19, 2011

The Joseph Regenstein Library, 1st Floor, 1100 East 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

Mondays-Thursdays: 8:30 am – 7 pm


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Past Exhibits

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2006                  *Surrealistic Dreams, University of Chicago, Reynolds Club

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2004                  Artwork exhibited in the Kansas Capitol, Topeka

2003                  Congressional Arts Competition (artwork exhibited in the Capitol, Washington D.C.)